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Bayley - Online Entry vs. Booklet

Does your HRIF Clinic use the Bayley scores (PsychCorp-Pearson) online data entry? 

If Yes, would you please reply with any feedback about using the online entry versus the booklet.

Sorry Erika, just saw this! We use the Booklet and the program, which has a print out of scores, as well as a parent report,  with the Bayley III. We are considering going electronic using iPad or tablet,  with the upcoming Bayley IV. I'm pretty sure it has a print out of scores /scales with grafts as well as the parent report. Are most of the other HRIF clinics transitioning to the Bayley IV in the fall?

We currently use the booklets, and I believe the plan is to stick with them for now.  We are planning to transition to the Bayley IV in the fall so we may decide to utilize some of the other resources as well.  

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