Requirements for access 

  1. Your hospital must currently have a CCS-approved NICU or HRIF Program
  2. You must be listed on the HRIF Directory

If you do not meet the above qualifications, then an authorized user must request access on your behalf. Make sure to include the authorized person in the help ticket request.

To request access

Submit a help ticket and include the following required information:

  1. Center Name
  2. Does your center provide HRIF services? (Y/N)
  3. Full name (First and Last)
  4. Title
  5. E-mail Address
  6. Phone Number
  7. User Account Access (contacts can have multiple accounts):

Data User: HRIF Clinic staff responsible for submitting all data forms for patients receiving follow-up services in their clinic. Can generate the HRIF Summary and CCS Annual Reports.
Referral User: CCS-approved NICU and/or HRIF Clinic staff who refer eligible infants to an HRIF clinic.
NICU User: CCS-approved NICU staff who can generate the NICU Summary Report.

  1. Computer Public IP Address

Contact your IT department to request the “Public IP Address Ranges” used by the hospital’s network and provide the ranges in the description of the help ticket. Note: Access is only authorized while connected to your organization’s network. Access from home or while traveling is not permitted. This procedure enhances the security of the Reporting System.