Please review our data resources webpage or your close-out checklist for our most recent data finalization guidelines, which will include specific deadlines related to this year's dues and late fees.

How are membership dues sent to member hospitals and what is the schedule?

We will send each member hospital an invoice via email in September to their invoice contact, so please make sure your contact report is up to date. We strive to send fee reminders to each hospital to ensure receipt of the invoice. The payment is due February 1st of the following year and we will update the corresponding year's close-out checklist when we receive the payment. If the invoice has NOT been received by the deadline, the access to that year's data entry will be disabled until receipt of payment. Additionally, a late fee of $300 will be incurred on Feb 2nd if the membership dues are not received by February 1st. The late fee will increase to $500 if membership dues are not received 30 days after the due date.