B. Pending Response Choice

Q: Do we have to complete all of the items? Can't I just mark them Unknown and then change my answers later?

A: Complete all questions by entering the requested data. If you don't have the information at the time of data entry, we recommend that you leave the item blank rather than marking the Unknown choice. At the end of the form, the system will list the Pending Items for the record. Recently, we have also added a Pending Report on the Other Reports section of the www.cqpccdata.org website.

C. Instructions for Readmissions

Q: If an infant was readmitted to my hospital, what items need to be updated?

A: For all infants readmitted to your hospital for the first time only, update items 23, 25-27, 29-56 on the Admission/Discharge Form based on events following the transfer and readmission. You only have to update these items the first time the baby returns to your hospital.

D. Instructions for infants Still In Hospital (SIH)

Q: If an infant is still in the hospital, how should i fill in the disposition variables?

A: Please follow the still in house (SIH) instructions located on the NICU Database Resource page located in the Manual  section:


E. Assignment of ID's

Q: when is a baby given a new CPQCC ID#?

A: Assignment of ID's. Reassignment of New IDs for Big Baby infants discharged home then readmitted back to your center. New ID numbers MUST be assigned if a baby is discharged home from your center, AND THEN readmitted back to your center. For the situation in which baby is born at your center, then sent home and then after the home discharged is re-admitted to your center, you need to:

  1. Fill out a new form and assign a new network ID number
  2. Check the baby as out-born (Item 7a)
  3. Check the age in days at the re-admission (Item 7b)
  4. Check your own center as the location of birth (Item 7c.)