Q: Do www.cpqccdata.org and www.cpqccreport.org support MSIE Version 10?

A: We have tested and validated that the www.cpqccdata.org and www.cpqccreport.org websites are supported by MSIE Version 10.

However, both websites will not function if MSIE is run in "compatibility mode". Running MSIE in compatibility mode turns the browser into a MSIE Version 8 browser, and as both websites are not supported for MSIE version 8, logging on is impossible.

To Make sure that MSIE is not running in compatibility mode, check the button that's next to the browser's address bar. If it appears pushed in, you are running in compatibility mode. If you are unsure, try accessing www.cpqccdata.org with this button set in different ways.

Q: Do www.cpqccdata.org and www.cpqccreport.org support MSIE Version 11?

A: We have tested both websites with respect to Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) Version 11 compliance, and we have not found any problems.

Q: Which web browsers are recommended for www.cpqccdata.org and www.cpqccreport.org?

A: The www.cpqccdata.org and www.cpqccreport.org have been tested with Google Chrome Version 37.0.x, Firefox 32.0x, and Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) Versions 9, 10, and 11 and are supported for these browsers.

We recommend using Firefox, Google Chrome, and MSIE Version 10/11 in that order, for accessing www.cpqccdata.org and www.cpqccreport.org