Item 2. Head Circumference at Birth

Q: We have difficulty collecting head circumference at birth, what should we enter?

A:  If head circumference is not available, we recommend using the first NICU head circumference on the first day of life.

Item 7a. Location of Birth 

Item 7b. Age in Days at Admission to NICU

Item 7c. Hospital of Birth for Out-born Infants

Item 8a/8b. Admission History

Q: We have a patient that delivered in the car, in the ER parking lot at our facility. Should I code the location of this birth as: “Other Out-Patient Setting-California (890094)? 

A:Yes, please choose Outborn, and then location of birth = Other Out-Patient Setting-CA 890094.

Q: We admit some infants who are born at home. How do I code these cases?

A: Please code these as: 

Item 7a) Location of Birth = Outborn

Item 7c) Location of Birth for out-born infants code enter '890000' (Home-California)

Name of Facility = Other Location, 

Item 8a) Admission History = never discharged home from a hospital after birth.

Note: A home birth is not the same as an admission of an infant who was previously discharged home after birth.

Q: Would a birthing center or in-house midwifery group be coded as a clinic or "Other, in-patient setting - California"?

A: Yes

Q: Sometimes, we have difficulty finding the hospital name in the list.

A: For name changes, search the CPQCC Manual's Appendix F: HCAI (Formerly OSHPD) Facility Codes or the stand alone 2024 CPQCC HCAI Location Item List spreadsheet on our date resources page.

Q: We have had babies born outside walking in to the Hospital and in Hotels and I am sure others have had cars or other unique situations. Should these babies be listed as "Home" births since they do not fall into Other Outpatient Facility or Other In-Patient Facility. We have currently been selecting Home.
A: Yes, "home" would be the appropriate selection since they do not fall into Other Outpatient Setting or Other In-Patient Setting. 

Q: We have also had babies born in an ambulance but we have selected Other Outpatient facility since we felt that at least there was a medically trained person present to assist.
A: Other Outpatient Setting would be the appropriate answer.