Q: How would I code a Small Baby who had a head ultrasound on or before Day 28 of life that initially showed NO bleed? But then, on a second ultrasound the baby had a grade 3 IVH with PVL AFTER Day 28. Should the baby be reported as a "no bleed" since that was the case before 28 days of life or as a grade 3 since that is the worst.

A: This infant should be recorded as follows: a) Neural Imaging Done on or before Day 28: Check Yes since at least one neural imaging was performed on or before Day 28. b) If Yes to a), enter worst grade (0-4) if a neural imaging was performed on or before Day 28. For this infant, the worst bleed before Day 28 is ZERO.]


Q: In the same situation that is described above, how would I answer for CPVL.

A: The answer would be YES since you confirmed it with the second ultrasound after Day 28.


Q: Why is HIE only applicable for kids that are at least 36 weeks? Please explain is the rationale for collecting this item.

A: The VON Steering committee for the Registry felt that this diagnosis is only applicable to infants over 36 weeks. This point could certainly be argued, but the patterns of brain injury in preterm and term infants are different and this cutoff attempts to identify a group where the diagnosis is well accepted.