Item 56. Enteral Feeding at Discharge

Q: When mother’s own milk is not available in the NICU, Prolacta offers two ready-to-feed, pasteurized human milk formulations: human milk fortifier and the standardized human milk. The human milk fortifier seems straight forward enough to code as human milk and fortifier. However, how would I code the standardized human milk?

A: The two standardized human milk formulations are Premielact and Neo20. Both of these list as their only ingredient, pasteurized human milk. Since our definition refers to “human milk”, not to “mothers own milk” both of these products should be considered “human milk”. The human milk fortifier products added to mothers milk should be classified as human milk with fortifier.

Item 57. Initial Disposition

Q: If an infant was admitted to my hospital, qualifies for CPQCC but has not yet been discharged should I still enter them into the database? If so, how would I record them without receiving pending items or errors in my data?

A: If an infant was admitted to and still has not been discharged from your hospital , then you must answer items 1-55 and skip Item 39b. Also, the following items should be left blank: Items 39b, 53-67.