The "Member Directory" is available in the HRIF Reporting System located under the "Admin" tab. Members are able to review and update their HRIF Clinic contacts via an online survey.

  1. Submit a Help Desk ticket if any of the "Center Information" has changed.
    1. Center Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone/Fax numbers
    4. CCS Level
  2. HRIF Clinics can make changes to the following contacts:
    1. HRIF Clinic - Coordinator
    2. HRIF Clinic - Medical Director
    3. HRIF Contact 1
    4. HRIF Contact 2
    5. HRIF Contact 3
    6. HRIF Contact 4
    7. NICU Discharge Planner
    8. NICU Contact 1
    9. NICU Contact 2
    10. Specialty Outreach Satellite Clinics
  3. Referring NICUs (centers without a HRIF Clinic onsite) ONLY make changes to the following contacts:
    1. NICU Discharge Planner
    2. NICU Contact 1
    3. NICU Contact 2

NOTE: If you make changes to the directory, it's required that you enter your full name before submitting the survey.