How to View All Records:

Sign into the web-based Reporting System. On the "Find Patient - Quick Patient Search" page, click ONLY the blue "Search" button to view all records currently entered in your system.

How to Delete Records:

An orange "Delete" button is located at the bottom of each entry screen, allows users to delete any or all entry forms. Make sure to indicate the reason for deleting a record.

NOTE: Deleting the "Referral/Registration (RR) Form" will remove the entire record (including any attached "Standard Visit (SV) Form(s)", "Additional Visit (AV) Form(s)" and "Client Not Seen/Discharge (CNSD) Form(s)" from the web-based Reporting System.

Transfer Patient Records Process:

  1. Contact the CCS HRIF Program Coordinator where the patient will be transferred for follow-up care to inform them of the patient and the HRIF ID #.
  2. Submit a "Client Not Seen/Discharge Form", before requesting to transfer the patient's record:
            Category: "Discharged"
            Reason: "Infant Referred to Another HRIF Program"
    "Will be Followed by Another CCS HRIF Program"
  3. Submit a "HELP TICKET at" (Help Topic: "HRIF Support") to request the record transfer to another CCS HRIF Program. Include in the ticket request the patient's "HRIF ID NUMBER", "Birth Weight OR Gestational Age", and the "HRIF Program, where the patient will be transferred".

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Protected health Information (PHI) (i.e. names, MRN#s, addresses etc.) is prohibited and should NOT be sent to California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative (CPQCC) via any format (i.e. fax, postal, pdf, email or help ticket system). Any PHI data received may be considered a Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) breach and reported to the Privacy Office immediately.


  1. CNSD form's date of Not Seen, should NOT be greater than 2 months when requesting a transfer. If greater than 2 months, please submit another CNSD Form or update the current CNSD Form.
  2. If the child is greater than 28 months, HRIF support with contact the transfer to HRIF Program Coordinator to confirm the case prior to transferring.
  3. Records are transferred every Friday; requests received on Friday will be transferred the following week.

Records are only transferred to CCS HRIF Programs. If the infant is referred to a NON-CCS or Out of State HRIF Program, submit a "Client Not Seen/Discharge Form" to close the case:

        Category: "Discharged"

        Reason: "Infant Referred to Another HRIF Program"

        Disposition: "Discharged - Will be followed Elsewhere"

Universal Duplicate Record Feature:

Identifies existing records across the entire HRIF-QCI database, with the same "Date of Birth", "Gender", "Singleton/Multiple" status, "Birth Hospital", and "Birth Mother's Date of Birth".

The reporting system will display a list of possible conflicting duplicate records for your review.