NICU Reference ID (*Required Field)

Previously known as the "CPQCC Reference ID Number"

  1. The last six digits of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) facility code from the discharging/referring or birth CCS-approved NICU.
  2. The infant/child’s NICU Record ID from the discharging/referring or birth CCS-approved NICU hospital, where the infant/child was born or admitted on or before day 28 of life. NOTE: The CCS-approved NICU discharging the infant/child home could also be the same facility referring the infant/child to the HRIF Clinic.


E.g. for a NICU with OSHPD code 12345 and an infant in that NICU whose NICU Record ID is 67899, the NICU Reference ID would be 12345-67899.


The OHSPD facility code and NICU Record ID must match. If you use the birth hospital’s OSHPD code then you must use the birth hospital’s NICU Record ID.

Every CCS-approved NICU hospital has a NICU Data Contact who keeps a record of all CPQCC NICU-eligibility patients. Use the NICU/ HRIF Directory to identify the NICU Data Contact(s) from the discharging/referring or birth hospital. The directory is a under Admin -> Update Directory -> Download Directory in the HRIF Reporting System.

Enter 99999 or select the Infant NOT NICU Eligible checkbox, for infants who did not meet  CPQCC’s NICU-eligibility criteria.

Enter 00000 for infants when a NICU Record ID has not been assigned at the time of the infant’s referral to the HRIF Clinic. If a NICU Record ID is assigned to the infant later, use the Manage NICU Reference ID tool to correct the NICU Record ID.

Enter 77777 for infants who met the CPQCC’s NICU -ligibility criteria, but were never assigneda NICU Record ID.