1. Records are only transferred when HRIF Support receives an acceptance confirmation from the transfer to HRIF Clinic Coordinator.  NOTE: Transfer requests not confirmed within 2-weeks will be closed by HRIF Support.
  2. CNSD form’s date of not seen, should NOT be greater than 2 months when requesting a transfer. If greater than 2 months, submit another CNSD form or update the date of not seen in the latest CNSD form.
  3. If the child is greater than 28 months, HRIF Support will contact the transfer to HRIF Clinic Coordinator to confirm acceptance of the case prior to processing the transfer.
  4. Records are transferred on a weekly basis.


Contact the CCS HRIF Clinic Coordinator where the patient will be transferred, provide case information and receive a confirmation via email that the patient will be accepted and followed in their HRIF Clinic.

Submit a “Client Not Seen/Discharge (CNSD) form”, before requesting to transfer the patient’s record:

  1. Date the client was not seen
  2. Category: "Discharged”
  3. Reason: "Infant Referred to Another HRIF Program"
  4. Disposition: "Will be Followed by Another CCS HRIF Program" 

Submit a help ticket requesting to transfer the patient record to another CCS HRIF Clinic. Include the following information in the ticket request:

  1. Email confirmation from the HRIF Clinic Coordinator accepting the patient
  2. Record HRIF ID Number
  3. Patient’s birth weight or gestational age 
  4. Name/location of the CCS HRIF Clinic where the patient will be transferred to for follow-up services