You must insert a comment to confirm the updates you’ve made to the data to receive feedback. If the updates are complete and accurate, the Data Center staff will resolve the case. 


To access the Data Consistency Report (DCR):

  • Log into the NICU Data site
  • Select [Year]
  • Select Data Reports 
  • Select Type: Data Consistency Report
  • Select Generate Report

To add a comment to your center’s DCR:

  • Open your DCR report
  • Select the issue you want to address
  • Click the Edit button at the top or at the right of each case
  • Enter your comment in the second box 
  • If other NICUs are involved, the contact(s) listed can see your comments, if the radio button next to their name(s) is clicked.
  • The data center can see your comments as well and will respond if needed before resolving/un-resolving the record
  • Click the Update button at the bottom right of the box (you may need to scroll to the right or hit full screen to see it)
  • Your comments will then be sent both to the Data Center and the contact members you selected.