Q. Section F. Data Quality Assessment - What does % records with unknown risk factors mean? I'd like to confirm that this is referring to the % of records we've marked as confirmed unknown for the race/ethnicity variables. 

A. It is the percentage of all records submitted into the NICU db for which one of the following variables birth weight, gestational age (weeks and/or days), prenatal care, gender, congenital anomaly, multiple gestation, 5-minute Apgar, maternal age, race, or ethnicity. 

Q. Do outborn admissions include babies who have been re-admitted from home for hyperbilirubinemia or rule-out sepsis? I'm thinking this is a 'yes' given the definition below from the data help screen but I'd like to confirm: 

“an acute transport-in to your NICU of an inpatient from another facility; or

an acute admission to your NICU of any infant that is admitted from home or another non-hospital location."

A. Yes.

Q. Total Number of Surgeries Reported in the CPQCC Database’ count under section G. NICU Activity Overview. Am I correct in understanding that the definition for this variable = “all infants admitted to NICU with any major surgery done; infants with multiple surgeries are counted ONCE per facility”?

A.  Correct. This measure counts total number of surgeries reported in the NICU Database that was performed at your facility. So if an infant has 3 surgeries coded in the AD form 3 will be counted in the total number of surgeries that happened at you hospital. Does that make sense?