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Additional Data Administrators on Contact Report

 When attempting to fill out the VON survey with my Medical Director we realized that he no longer had access to this survey. After speaking with VON they had mentioned that they were not able to add him back because he was no longer listed as the Director or as one of the Data administrators. They mentioned that they allow more than two data administrators but because this is driven by the CPQCC Contact Report that I could not add him to the list unless I changed the roles again. I am asking if there is any way for CPQCC to add more Data Administrators or another field for the Medical Director of the NICU. I assume that we are not the only NICU set up with a NICU Director of Nursing and a Medical Director of the NICU where both roles are very important and need access to CPQCC data and information. There are many fields on this survey that require his feedback on. Please consider updating this form to either add more data administrators like VON allows, or if there could be a field for the Medical Director of the NICU. Thank you for your time and considering this request since according to the person I spoke to at VON, this has also been a suggestion from them as well.

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