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Using Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for NICU data collection and reports

What type of EMR vendor are using? How is it used for NICU data collection and reports?

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We built an antibiotics and a CCHD report for CCS reports as well.

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We're using the VON report template that is built in EPIC. Our EPIC team made modifications to the VON eligibility criteria to include CPQCC eligibility. We also custom built our delivery summary report so that most of the maternal information is generated in a report.

We use EPIC at UC Davis as well.

Thanks Angela. Has EPIC been useful in creating NICU reports for internal use? If so, can you please share which ones have been the most useful? Also, do you use EPIC for NICU data collection? Any information shared would be most appreciated.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center uses EPIC.

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