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Family centered care (FCC) has been identified as a primary pathway for health disparities in the NICU.  In 2020, CPQCC offered NICU members participation in the FCC pilot initiative with the goal of addressing these gaps in care. This resulted in the development of CPQCC measures of family centered care (FCC), that can be extracted from the electronic health record, to support routine measurement and improvement of practices that engage families as active partners in care. Point-of-care derived measures were developed in collaboration with disadvantaged families. Measures were selected through a modified Delphi panel that included family representatives. The measures collected for this pilot include: days from NICU admission to first skin-to-skin, days from NICU admission to first social workers contact, and hours from birth to priming with oral colostrum.


Throughout 2021, these NICU members collected data on the aforementioned measures and offered feedback at our webinars on their experience including how to support data collection and efforts to translate data into meaningful action. 

This pilot consists of data collection, assessing feasibility of data collection and variation across NICUs. It’s our first foray into FCC and an attempt to assess areas of FCC short of direct parent surveys. If you would like to join our pilot, please go to the FCC data collection on our NICU data website OR you can submit a help ticket

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